There are a lot of similarities between hitmen and Advertising Executive Creative Directors. They both answer to a higher authority and they both wear the same shit every day. So it only makes sense that Vincent Vega would make a great ECD, right? Let's dig a little deeper.



Vince knows that every Creative has been hilarious since birth, so he pretends to not pay attention when you're presenting those Naked Gun-caliber TV scripts. His poker face is part of a crucial meditation technique he studied while on tour with his cousin, Suzanne Vega.

wonderING if UNCLEAR feedback was UNcleaR


He's got so much going on, it probably won't hit him for at least 48 hours. By comparison, 48 hours is also the length of time that determines how likely police are to solve a homicide. Too bad it only takes 18 minutes for the Creative Team to come to blows over what Vince meant by, "Hmm, that's interesting ... "

LOCATING THE OTHER conference room

Feb-11-2018 20-32-31.gif

Good hitmen are in high demand , so they move around a lot. And so do good ECDs. That means—unfortunately—neither of them has time to learn the layout of their new digs, and may show up late for an engagement or two.




Vince's dad always told him that hard work pays off. There's no better feeling than going home for the day, knowing you've made a difference. Sure, it might only be a few broadcast scripts and some web banners, but every assignment is a golden opportunity.

charmING the account DIRECTOR

account changes.gif

"Another scotch, Marjorie?" The head of the Account Team twerks toward him with a smile. "Don't mind if I do, David."

Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how many Creative Directors are named 'David'?



When Vincent Vega, ECD is good, he's great. He believes enough in his Creative Team so that when they struggle, he knows there's a bigger problem at hand. Then he marches right up to that Account Director or Strategist and jams pure adrenaline right through their breastplate.

GOING OFF his medS

Vincent Vega, ECD, ups his meds

Damnit, Vincent! Who do you think you are? Friggin' ... Carrie Mathison or somebody? You can't stop taking your Klonopin because the CCO needs you to give 120%. That's going to initiate a chain reaction which none of us will survive.



Whoa. Those judges don't fuck around. But don't sweat it, Vincent. Not everybody brings home three Lions their first time out. And there's always next year.